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About Us


TCI has been reselling and whole selling variety of products for over the past 20 years. Our goal is to provide customers the lowest prices every day and best quality of Telecommunication, Home and Personal Electronic products on the market. At TCI Technology are evolving on the day to day basis, and we are continuously growing over time, in order to offer our customers the newest and latest products in the industry.

Our core values

Our mission is to provide the latest and most Reliable electronic products on the market at any
particular time. Our focus is the best Quality of service, and the Trust of our customers and doing the
best for their satisfaction. Continuous, Repeated and Happy Customers is our Goal.

Home Security
Include but not limited to, Doorbells, IP Cameras, Security Locks and other related
Electronic products
Home Electronics
Include Media Players, Indoor Digital Antennas, Cameras and other related
Personal Electronics and Accessories
Include Headsets
General Electronics and Accessories
USB Memory Drives, and other Electronic products